Welcome to tradingdiary.co.uk.

On this website you’ll find articles relating to trading forex and CFDs, book reviews, and author interviews. If you read the articles you’ll pick up that I’m a ‘sceptic’ rather than ‘get rich quick’ person.

I do post some articles with tips for how to be a better trader such as 5 tips for winning at forex trading. But you’ll find that most of the trading related articles are talking about why you won’t become rich, and in fact are likely to lost all your money! How much money could I lose trading CFDs and Disadvantages of Expert Advisors are examples of the latter category.

As well as general articles I have a growing collection of financial book reviews. Amongst the many books I’ve reviewed are Fool’s Gold, Who runs Britain and The Naked Trader.

In addition to the book reviews you’ll find interviews with some of the authors such as Yves Smith and Geraint Anderson.

Be careful with your money.

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