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Trading Accounts

Bucket shop broker allegations

A regular source of messages on trading related forums such as Trade2Win and babypips is people complaining of being ‘scammed’ by their broker / spread betting company. I’m going to list some of the common types of complaints. Stop chasing One of the most common complaints is that trading companies engage in ‘stop chasing’. This [...]

Live vs demo trading account

If you are new to trading then you may be wondering whether to start with a live trading account or a demo (practice) trading account. A live trading account is one which will require real money to be deposited and then risked in each trade. Of course you will also be able to make real money. A demo - or practice account will allow you to [...]

CFD trading demo accounts

Before you start risking your money with a live CFD trading account you will probably want to try some demo accounts from different brokers. Practice accounts will help you to familiarise yourself with the mechanics of buying and selling, and help to evaluate the various trading platforms that CFD brokers provide. If you are thinking of opening [...]

Review of CMC’s CFD and Forex trading platform and service

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