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Analysis of the IG Index – ‘better sell oil’ advert

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Here is the first in an occasional series where I’ll look at a financial advertisement and explain my opinion on what the advert is trying to achieve and how it is trying to do this.

This very green advert appeared in City A.M. recently. It is not a new advert; it is part of an existing series.

The slogan is “If you’re thinking ‘better sell oil’, contact us.”

IG Index 'better sell oil' newspaper advert

The advert is trying to say that predicting the price of oil could be as easy as spotting things such as an increase in wind farms. It is trying to suggest that if you are ‘clever enough’ to spot this link between two different events then doing business with IG could be in your interest.

Of course most people who have even the slightest in trading will spot the link. The way the advert hooks you in is by trying to make you think that because you have spotted this link you are intelligent, and could have some kind of ‘edge’ over other people.

If they can make you fell clever (as they say flattery can get you everywhere) – then they can make you feel that you could potentially make money out of trading.

The advert isn’t too explicit about the services that IG offers. This is another marketing trick. They provide enough of a ‘hook’ to arouse your interest in the company, but not enough so you can make a judgment about what they are offering there and then – i.e. not enough to judge purely by looking at the advert. The only way you will be able to get a full understanding of what they offer is by visiting their website.

Once they have got you to visit the website then the next stage of their ‘sell’ will begin.

In my opinion a good individual advert from an equally good series of adverts that no doubt gets them plenty of visitors to their website.

City A.M. London’s free business and finance newspaper

Monday, July 6th, 2009

If you want a useful source of free financial news, opinion and analysis each day then make sure you look out for City A.M. It is one of a growing number of free papers which is available in London. Others include The Metro, thelondonpaper and The London Lite.

Front page of London's City A.M. daily free newspaper

City A.M. is more specialist as it focuses on financial news. You can find it being handed out by distributers in the morning outside some underground train stations. These are the tube stations near to where people ‘in the city’ work, or stations where they commute to – such as Waterloo. It can also be found in newspaper distribution bins at various places in central London.

The paper’s slogan is ‘Business with Personality’. As well as having the standard news wire financial news they have columns, reports and interviews. An essential read is the Alistair Heath Editor’s letter on page 2 each day. He always has something insightful to say about a topical economic or business situation.

A lighter take on the business world is provided by Victoria Bates in ‘The Capitalist’ page where she provides stories about what the business world does outside of work hours. There are reports from various business function, parties, and insights into the restaurant bills that city types rack up.

There are regular articles on investment mainly written by Jessica Mead. The have features on topics such as CFDs, spread betting and commodities which might be of particular interest to readers of this blog. They include information on using technical and fundamental analysis. Analysts from a selection of brokers also write columns giving their opinions on likely market moves.

Special features on holidays, property, and going out make appearances at various days throughout the week. A short round up of sport is positioned at the back of the paper.

In a typical week the special features may be as follows:

  • Monday – spread betting, travel
  • Tuesday – contracts for difference, restaurants
  • Wednesday – foreign exchange, law, motoring
  • Thursday – careers, books, food & drink
  • Friday – property, film and theatre reviews, fashion

City A.M. is available at selected tube stations around central London. If you can’t get hold of a copy you can read the paper on the City A.M. website.